I Hate to Wash My Clothes

I hate to wash my clothes,
I dump them on the floor,
and when all my clothes are dirty
I put them on once more.
I pick them up and sniff them,
I give them a good smell,
and if I don’t fall over
I know no one can tell.
My clothes are filthy dirty,
they’ve not been washed in weeks.
They won’t go in the laundry
until my bedroom reeks.
I’ve better things to do
than waste my precious time,
doing things I need not do  
like cleaning sweat and grime.
I hate to wash my clothes,
it’s always such a chore
to clean and dry and fold them
and put them in the drawer.
I’m allergic to detergents,
they always make me sneeze.
I can’t go near the washer
in case I start to wheeze.
I’m helping the environment
as everybody should.
I’m saving soap and water,
it’s doing lots of good.
I’ll say it again
until everybody knows,
“I won’t go near the laundry
and I hate to wash my clothes!”
© 2010 Rebecca Colby