Giveaways for writers of all ages!

April is National Poetry Month so it seemed only fitting that to win this month’s giveaways (did you notice the plural?!–giveaways, not giveaway), that you write a poem. It need only be a couplet or a haiku, but it can be longer if you prefer. I’ll leave the length and format up to you. The poem can be for adults or children. Also, the poem can be written by either an adult or a child this month, as I’m giving children an opportunity to win also.

Prizes are the following books on writing:

Prize for the adults age 18 and up

Adults can win this book. Alternatively, they may choose the second book in this series entitled “712 More Things to Write About.”

Or the adults way opt for this prize.

Here’s the prize for 11-18 year olds:

11-18 year old entrants can win this book

And now the prize for 0-10 year olds:

Here’s what 0-10 year olds can win.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating National Poetry Month by writing a poem. Happy writing!

Open worldwide, but poems must be in English. Poems can be in any format and any length. Three books will be given out to three different winners. You can submit either in the comments or via my contact page. Regardless of how you submit, all winners must agree to having their poem and name published on my blog. Proof of age may be required. Entries must be received by Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 11.59pm GMT.

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6 Responses to Giveaways for writers of all ages!

  1. Sophie Anderson says:

    Here is an entry from my 11 year old daughter 🙂
    DRAGONS by Nicky
    Can you see them?
    There hidden in that hill.
    Watch the fire, getting higher!
    No birds will fly to day.
    Can you hear them?
    There roaring, can you hear?
    By the sound of it,
    Oh dear!
    They are coming very near!
    Can you feel them?
    They are as smooth as silk
    When a flower swats them…
    That flower shall start to wilt.
    Can you smell them?
    They smell of the hottest fire,
    And when breath,
    Just on your face,
    They smell of melting tyres!
    Dragons, are the best of beasts,
    As I bet you see,
    I would love a little Dragon,
    A Dragon just for me.

  2. Smylers says:

    A clerihew on one of our household’s favourite picture book authors:

    Ian Whybrow
    Writes books that aren’t highbrow.
    He makes us laugh uproariously
    At Harry and his adventuring dinosaurusly.

    Joint effort: I came up with the first draft, then Rachel made it better.

  3. A poem by Jonathan Humble age 55 and a half:


    A madagascan dung ball
    Lay patiently all day
    For African Scarabaeus
    To beetle it away.

    It watched the other dung balls
    Get chosen one by one
    By sundry little beetles
    Bent on having dungy fun.

    But as the sun got lower,
    The ball of dung felt grim;
    The probability of getting picked
    Looked pretty slim.

    Then on the far horizon,
    The cavalry appeared;
    A breathless jogging beetle
    T’ward the ball of dung careered.

    Apologising greatly,
    It started to berrate
    The public transport system
    For it said its bus was late.

    And so the happy couple
    Went off to have some fun
    Upon the Madagascan soil
    Under the setting sun.

  4. “Yumptious” by Joanna Alexandra Norland, aged 43 (and her kids assure her, ‘That’s not old’.

    Yumptious, Scrumptious
    In my lunch-ous
    A harrumptious
    Treat from mum-chus
    Hmmm . . . my tumcious
    Sure feels grumptious
    I’ll sit on my bumptious rumptious
    And have me a crunch’n’munch-us

  5. Little Pister says:

    I love my sister, yes I do
    like a slimy trail of snailey goo
    or a crusty sandwich under the bed
    or a feathery pillow upside my head

    She’s better than some of my favorite things
    like rusty nails and old tire swings
    or holey knees and broke in shoes
    or gooey cakes that come in two’s

    I wouldn’t trade her for anything
    except maybe a new tire swing
    she’s more fun than angry bees
    or picking scabs off of my knees

    I love my sister, yes I do
    ’cause she’s my favorite Becca Boo!!

  6. Rebecca C says:

    The contest is now closed! I’ll announce winners later this week. 🙂

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