February Giveaway

Another month, another giveaway! But first, if you’re wondering who won the lucky draw for the waterproof notebook and smart bracelet last month, it was Jenny S.

This month I thought we’d try a skill comp. One of the suggestions was to have a first line contest, and as I think that’s a brilliant idea, that’s what we’re going to do.

If you want to enter, all you need to do is share the first line of your picture book in the comments below. One sentence—no more, no less. Whoever does the best job of hooking me with their first line will be the winner. She or he can choose from a basic picture book manuscript critique, a query letter critique, or a signed copy of either of my published books.

Anyone in the world can enter, but you’re only allowed one entry per person. The competition closes on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, 17 March at 11:59pm, Greenwich Mean Time.

I look forward to reading your entries!

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17 Responses to February Giveaway

  1. Sheri Enriquez says:

    Benny loves to chew, bright brilliant blue, blueberry bubblegum.

  2. Eszter Molnar says:

    The drummers of Oomalunga bay couldn’t stop crying.

  3. Myrna Foster says:

    Nettle fished her wand out from under her pillow.


  4. Dawn Treacher says:

    Hobart the Dragon Slayer never quite lived up to the name his father gave him.

  5. P.J. Way says:

    I am a plain white cat.

  6. Dragon found them first.

    Thank you!!

  7. Third grade was too much work, so I hired an assistant.

  8. Natalie Smith says:

    George thinks his dad might be a bear.

  9. Maria E says:

    Susie the Swan was very protective of her cygnets

  10. Life was peaceful on planet Zambo until the night little Leezah was born.

  11. Daniel Seif says:

    April was very scared and terribly lonely.

  12. Kernel is a fearless daredevil with a thirst for adventure, which is a problem for someone stuck on a cob.

  13. Joan says:

    The animals on Sonny’s Farm spent every night awake.

  14. Jim Chaize says:

    Sis and Ty were different in a hundred ways, and they were still best friends.

  15. Catherine says:

    Merry was doing the mousework when an envelope dropped through the letterbox.

  16. Sam Altmann says:

    Operation Earthling was about to go down and Sledge still hadn’t perfected how to act like a human.

  17. Derick Wilder says:

    Day and Night were as different as, well, night and day.

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